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"The harshest of wildernesses creates the most brutal of hunters."
The Marauder Hunters of the North.[1]

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Marauder Hunters are those among the Northern Marauder tribes who, facing exile in the cold and barren North, have become adept at hunting the monstrous beasts of the North to sustain themselves.[1]


The ruthless martial societies of the northern tribes see many men cast out into the wastes due to some transgression or another against their clan. An unforgiving way of life means that it is often impossible for these men to re-assimilate themselves into the warrior hierarchy. The few exiles that avoid death out in the freezing tundra often come together to form bloodthirsty bands of wild hunters, etching out a brutal existence that makes them even more hardened, callous, and adept as warriors – Marauders with the skill of ambush hunters. Attaining such skills is a way back into the battle ranks: when larger forces of tribesmen come together, the Marauder Hunters’ terrifyingly efficient ambushes frequently mark the beginning of their raids.[1]


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