"There was so much killing and bloodletting that no one could number the dead. The Kurgan pillaged the temples and shrines and slew the Priests and virgins. They so devastated this land that it will never rise again as it was before..."
Marcia Nassus, on the destruction of a city in the Border Princes.[2a]
Marauder Horsemen

A Kurgan Horsemen riding into battle.

Marauder Horsemen are the eyes and ears of a Chaos Army, whose swift steeds and merciless riders are known throughout the Old World to be amongst the greatest horsemen to have ever lived.


Some tribes of Marauders hold horses in high esteem, while others regard them with fear and superstition. The horse-born tribes of the Kurgan and Hung are perhaps the most infamous Horsemen within all the Northlands. To many within these tribes, a warhorse is a sign of status, and only the most esteemed warriors may ride them into battle.[1a]

The steeds ridden by these tribes are smaller then most southern warhorses but are still powerful, foul-tempered and strong of limb. Once a rider has broken these tough horses, it will remain loyal to him until death, but they remain vicious and unruly to all others. Fed on a diet of human flesh and watered-down blood, these snorting, high-spirited steeds have a glint of intelligent menace in their eyes, and will trample, kick and bite as if berserk when engaged at close combat.[1a]

In battle, the speed and mobility of Marauder Horsemen leaves even the most able cavalrymen of the Old World sorely lacking. Able to steer their steeds with the subtlest of movements of the waist and knees, the tribesmen have both hands free to wield wicked blades or powerful composite bows. They range ahead of the main columns, galloping around the enemy battle line and cutting off any chance of escape. When the enemy inevitably flees the onslaught of the main Chaos army, it is these horsemen that ride them down. Expert hunters all, these are the true lords of the steppes, for they are as swift as the wind and as merciless as an ice storm.[1a]


  • Marauder Horsemen
  • Marauder Horsemen



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