"All champions strive to be chosen, willing their deeds to be observed and judged."
The Champions of the Marauder tribes.[1]
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A fearsome Marauder Champion.[1]

Marauder Champions are an elite, veteran, warrior class of the barbarous Northmen. They are the mightiest warriors of a tribe, besides the hulking Chieftains themselves.


In the eyes of the Northmen, there is a natural distinction between the mass of roving warriors, and the favoured few. The ultimate ambition of a Marauder is to die fighting under the gaze of the Dark Gods, or otherwise become worthy and powerful enough to travel to the far north to face their judgement directly. Individuals strong enough to walk that path emerge only occasionally: Marauder Champions, who fight and kill with more skill and ferocity than their brethren, and so gain a higher status in their warrior hierarchies. The otherworldly rewards are not always clear, however – these standout fighters epitomise both the glory and the risk of seeking the attention of the Dark Gods, treading along a knife’s edge between immortality and oblivion.[1]

Some Marauder Champions charge into battle wielding brutal two-handed weapons, believing that bigger the blade, the greater the chance the fickle, Dark Gods will notice them.[1]


  • A Marauder Champion wielding a two-handed mace


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