Warhammer Mangler Squigs

A pair of Mangler Squigs trashing through a battleline

Mangler Squigs are a lunatic combination of two Great Cave Squigs chained together and goaded to charge against the enemy lines.[1a]


Other Greenskins claim that living underground has driven Night Goblins mad, and it might be true. One thing is for certain - only the unhinged would try to catch a Great Cave Squig, and only absolute maniacs with little regard for life would dare chain together two Great Cave Squigs and then prod them towards the enemy.[1a]

Known as Mangler Squigs or occasionally Chain-Squigs or Great Squig Knockers, these bounding balls of destruction can tear apart a battleline with brutal savagry. Alternatively pulling, yanking and dragging each other along, the two fettered Great Squigs hurtle forwards. There is a token attempt by the Night Goblins to steer the Mangler Squigs by chaining a few foolish volunteers directly onto the ferocious beasts. This crew, if they can be called that, preserve some notion of goading the rolling monstrosities in a direction, however this fades the moment the creatures first move, and is altogether gone by the time they hit anything.[1a]

The chained Giant Squigs produce an impact that is nothing short of spectacular. The ideal end result, at least from the Night Goblin's perspective, is that the Mangler Squigs enrage each other, whirling themselves into a tumbling motion. The beast builds a wild, unstoppable momentum of pure aggression, swirling chain and snapping jaws. Should the Manglers hit a unit, they earn their name, sending severed body parts and splashes of gore skyward, to the delight of any onlooking Night Goblins.[1a]

Mangler Squigs are generally oblivious to their surroundings, and the crew's attempts to steer them are nominal at best - once they crash into a unit, they go wild, and the crew is either pulped or kept too busy holding on to even attempt to control the Squigs' direction. Not surprisingly, the haphazard Mangler Squigs are prone to a number of spectacularly bloody accidents, such as choking themselves with their own chains, or pummelling each other repeatedly until both Great Cave Squigs are literally mashed to a pulp.[1a]


  • 8th Edition.


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