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Mandred von Zelt, called Mandred Skavenslayer or Mandred Ratslayer, and remembered among the Skaven as Man-Dread, was a famous Emperor known for defeating the Skaven during the aftermath of the Black Plague and the onset of the horrific Skaven Wars.


After the previous Emperor, Boris Goldgather died of the Black Plague some time before, no Emperor was elected into the Imperial throne. With the plague still rampant and without a centralized government, the Empire was plunged into anarchy, making it the most opportune time for the Skaven to launch their colossal attack. The only noble able to fight back against the Skaven swarms was Graf Mandred von Zelt of the city of Middenheim. He began a crusade against the Skaven in 1122 and broke their power in 1124 at the Battle of Averheim and the Battle of the Howling Hills. At the latter, he beheaded the Skaven Supreme Warlord Vrrmik (A member of the council of 13) with one swing of Ghal Maraz. The skull of the dead Skaven warlord was fitted onto a helm still in the Imperial vaults as of today, known by a great many scholars as the legendary Helm of the Skavenslayer.

Due to outstanding popularity, Mandred was elected Emperor by a majority vote. Mandred spent the next 25 years as a stern yet wise ruler, enabling the Empire to begin massive reconstruction. However, by the middle of the 12th century on the cursed and haunted night of Geheimnisnacht Eve, the elected Emperor was assassinated by a Clan Eshin assassin, as revenge for his deeds at stopping the Skaven invasion.

After his death, the electoral council ended in a stalemate. Upon returning to his palace, the Grand Duke of Talabecland mustered his armies and invaded Stirland, setting off a a series of civil wars. No Emperor was elected for the next few centuries.

Today, however, most citizens of the Empire do not believe in Skaven and Mandred's legacy has been rewritten. The Skaven invasion has been reduced to an outbreak of very large rats in the wake of the plague, and Mandred to a hero of childrens' stories, an almost comic character chasing rats in the streets.


  • He is sometimes enumerated as Emperor Mandred II.


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