The victim has discovered that a deleriant drug known as Mandrake Root is an even better way to numb the pain of his tortured life than alcohol. One dose of the drug makes the afflicted relaxed and sleepy, takes the edge off wounds, and keeps his thoughts warm and fuzzy. Someone under the influence of Mandrake Root has lessened ability to act due to his lethargy, but also is more resistant to fear and terror.[1a]

But one dose is all it takes to become highly addicted to the sinister drug. Every day the addict must resist his powerful craving for the Mandrake. If he fails, he’ll do everything he can (including breaking the law or worse) to obtain a dose and take it right away. When the effects of the dose wear off (after one to ten hours), the person must use more willpower, at a weakened degree, to resist taking another dose immediately.[1a]

Someone who craves the Root when it is not available has lowered intelligence, willpower, and ability to work with a team until he can take a dose of the drug. One dose will restore his attributes to normal for the duration of the Mandrake Root’s effect.[1a]

Long-term abuse of the Mandrake Root weakens the body and the mind, and leaves the addicted individual more susceptible to gaining further insanities. For every 6 months the person is addicted to the drug, he permanently loses ten percent of his strength, toughness, reflexes, agility, intelligence, and ability to work with a team, as well as fifteen percent of his willpower.[1a]

Sadly, in his desperate search for the drug, the individual will most likely end up resorting to illegal activities, putting himself at odds with the law and most likely his friends and family as well. On a final note, Mandrake Men are especially susceptible to the Daemonic delights of the Chaos God Slaanesh and his minions.[1a]


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