Manann's Blades Forge World emblem

Buckler of the Manann's Blades.[1a]

The infamous Manann's Blades are a powerful mercenary regiment owned and operated via intermediaries of the shadowy Merchant Lords of Marienburg, and led by the dreaded Captain Edvard Van Der Kraal.[1a]


The mercenary company of dark repute that is led by Edvard Van Der Kraal takes its name from the quixotic and violent sea god of the Empire. This troop of hired killers, cutthroats and brigands are as at home on the battlefield of the Old World as they are serving as marines on privateer ships out on raids of plunder along the Sartosan coast. The core of the Blades is made up of a band of skilled swordsmen, marines and brigands without honour or quarter, around which other militant sea-scum, free companies and outlaws gather. In recent years, under Van Der Kraal's command, the Manann's Blades have gained a reputation as dark as their captain.[1a]

At the time of Tamurkhan's invasion, this gang of disreputable cutthroats and villains had seldom sold their blades for gold in the Empire, and it was doubtful any but one so feared (and as born a survivor) as Van Der Kraal could keep them in check. However, the Blades had taken the rather unusual job of guarding Marienburg's "investments" in the shape of the prototype Land Ship war machines they had commissioned from Nuln's famous Gunnery School. Along with these machines, Manann's Blades were drawn into the heart of the battle against the horde.[1a]

Magic Items

  • Sea Bride Standard - Known by some less favourable names in the ranks, the Sea Bride standard contains an effigy of one of Manann's mer-brides, she-beasts that imperil the unwary and drag them into the sea to drown them in its depths. When the smell of blood reaches the banner, it screams and wails in an unholy and thoroughly disconcerting fashion, exhorting those that fight beneath it to cruelty and bloodlust.[1a]


  • Forge World.


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