"Manann is our blessing, our patron, the one that brings food to our table. He’s also the one that drags our sons to the bottom of his watery home, the bringer of storms, and the crushing waves. He is the Sea and he is eternal."
—Ingrid Höelstaff, Wife of Captain Höelstaff of the Redoubt[3a]

Manann is said to call the spring tide by clenching the moons in his fist.

Manann, known by titles such as the Lord of the Seas and the King of Storms, is the Imperial God of the Seas and the Tides. Chief god of the wayward province of The Wasteland, he also holds sway over the Empire’s northern coasts and her rivers as far as the tide can be felt. The Cult of Manann administrates his worship.[1a]

Omens of Manann

The albatross is the iconic sign of Manann’s presence. It can be a portent of good or ill equally and is therefore difficult to interpret. It is usually seen flying high in the sky above a ship far from land. It is one of the most famous divine omens in the Old World. Because of its importance, the bird is considered sacred by all Manannites. A dead albatross is always a bad omen.[2a]

Example visions that a priest of Manann might receive include a stormy sea, signifying change and conflict, or a ship, usually telling of good fortune, riches, or an impending visitor. Other images in visions from Manann might be fish, sea monsters, sunken wrecks, and perilous rocks. One vision always interpreted by priests of Manann as a dire warning and a need to change one’s ways is the drowning man, especially if the priest imagines it is himself that is drowning.[2a]


  • In some books, Manann is spelled Manaan.


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