Mammoth Nick Bibby 3rd Edition illustration

A Mammoth from Norsca, by Nick Bibby.[1a]

Mammoths are animals very much like elephants, although larger and somewhat hairy.[1a]


Mammoths were once common creatures in the world, before the Old Ones brought the planet closer to the sun, warming the climate and driving back the frozen wastes. Today, only a few of these huge and majestic monstrosities survive to roam the northern world. In Norsca, Mammoths are occasionally hunted, and their mighty tusks presented in tribute to awestruck ambassadors. More impressive still are the War Mammoths of Norsca, creatures captured as infants and raised by the Norse to serve them.[1a]

In the Old World Mammoths exist only within menageries and circuses, where they attract huge crowds.[1a]

Known Mammoths

The Great Mawhard of Bloodfjord


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