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Maloric of Sangasse was a Bretonnian knight who hailed from the Dukedom of Bastonne, where he ruled as the Earl of Sangasse. A notably skilled swordsman, he was both the main rival and sometimes-ally of the famed Calard of Garamont.


Maloric was a tall, rakishly handsome man, some three years older than Calard, and were it not for the long-standing feud between their houses they might have been friends. However, the bitter enmity between the two noble families ensured that they would never be anything but rivals. Both came from renowned noble bloodlines, and though Garamont had won more military accolades from past battlefield victories, serving as the Castellans of Bastonne, the Sangasses held a stronger political position, due largely to their close marital ties to the royal households of Bretonnia.[1]

Knight Errant

When the knights of Bastonne were called to battle a Greenskin horde rampaging across Bordeleaux, the noble Lord of Sangasse pledged his knights. They were led by his youngest son, Maloric. In response to the Sangasse's contribution, the Castellan of Garamont pledged both his sons, Calard and Bertelis, while ensuring that they commanded a much larger contingent of Knights Errant.[1]

When battle came, Maloric's presence amongst the press of Orcs was enough to spur his rivals into doubling their efforts, refusing to be outdone by the Sangasse noble. Cutting all around him, Maloric's blade streamed with blood as he killed.[1]


Maloric bore the Heraldry of a blood-red Dragon, imposed upon a field of pure white.[1]


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