Malhandir being ridden by Tyrion

Malhandir is literally a creature of legend,[1a] the largest and noblest Elven Steed born since the Father of Horses himself.[2a] Born from the line of Korhandir, Father of Horses,[4a] Malhandir is the greatest warhorse Ellyrion has produced in five thousand years.[4b] Gifted to Prince Tyrion by the Ellyrian elves moments before the Battle of Finuval Plain, Malhandir has been Tyrion's chosen mount ever since.

Fast as the wind, strong and faithful to the death, Malhandir understands the elven language, although Tyrion rarely needs to issue any order, since between them there is an invisible bond. No other mount is capable of interpreting its master's desires in the same way at the slightest signs. Like all of its line, the prince of the horses possesses an acute intelligence that far exceeds that of the lesser beasts, and even eclipses that of many creatures that walk on two legs.

Although invariably Malhandir will always be next to Tyrion in battle, he is free to follow his own will at any other time. The friendship of the horse with Teclis and Alarielle is only a fraction less pronounced than the loyalty he feels towards his master, and often acts as messenger for Teclis or wanders freely through the forest of Avelorn when Tyrion has no need of his services. Of course, all this comes to an end when the sharp whistle of Tyrion rings in the air, summoning him. Malhandir will use every last scrap of his famous speed to return to his master's side, ready for battle once more.



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