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Duke Maldred of Mousillon.[5]

Duke Maldred of Mousillon was the last official Duke of Mousillon, who started a civil war in Bretonnia known as the Affair of the False Grail.


The recent death of the King of Bretonnia had left the country without an heir, Jules the Just had fallen to a Chaos Champion on the beaches of northern Bretonnia. Needless to say, his opponent had also perished upon the king's lance.[2][3]

Maldred, the Duke of Mousillon, decided to reclaim his dukedom's glory by gaining the throne. He was known as a brave knight and a shrewd commander, who was well fitted to defending the small but wealthy dukedom of Mousillon. With help from his sorcerous consort Malfleur, the treasonous Duke set off on the Grail Quest and found the holy relic of the Lady after an incredibly short time. In reality, the grail was fake.[2][4]

Maldred and Malfleur compounded their treachery by kidnapping the Fay Enchantress, imprisoning her within the Donjon of Dol. With the grail in his possession and no one to oppose him, it looked like Maldred would soon have the crown of Bretonnia in his grasp. Many knights who felt unfairly treated flocked to Mousillon's banner, with Maldred's illegitimate daughter Malory acting as his personal champion. As the Duke rode to Gisoreux to claim the crown, he was met by the army of the former King. Maldred held aloft the grail, asking who dared to stand against its bearer. Meanwhile, the Questing Knight known as Gaston de Beau Geste had rescued the Fay Enchantress from her prison.[2][4]

Whilst the opposing army stood silent, the Green Knight emerged from the forest, and turned to challenge the Duke. At that moment, all saw the Lady of the Lake standing beside the King, the true Grail in her hand. The fake was revealed for the tawdry thing it was, and Maldred’s followers deserted him en masse. The Duke fled back to his castle, but the King deprived him of both title and noble status. Since that time, there has been no Duke of Mousillon.[1][2]


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