Malbrothax, as depicted in 1st ED.

Malbrothax, is an infamous Apparition.[1a]

The Steward of Filth, as this thing is sometimes known, is believed to be the servant of Nurgle himself, and its appearance always foretells the outbreak of some new and dreaded plague. There are some legends that suggest it is in fact a Greater Daemon who is so powerful it can appear in the Old World at will without being summoned first. Mabrothrax is a large, hulking humanoid with thin spindly arms and legs that end in appendages equipped with razor-sharp claws. Its body is a thin bag of skin filled with a soupy mess of entrails, excrement, and decay. Situated on top of this disgusting torso is a round, searching head dominated by a massive maw filled with sharp jutting teeth. The stink of rot and faeces precedes the manifestation of this apparition.[1a]

Also known as: Steward of Filth, Handmaiden of Nurgle.[1a]

Attracted By: Magic of Nurgle, Despair, Disease.[1a]


  • In the 1st Edition, Malbrothax is known as "Mabrothax," and is known to the populace (erroneously) as the Plague Elemental.[2a][2b]


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