"Wait till you see what it does!"
Malakai Makaisson.[2]
Doomseeker Malakai

Malakai Makaisson.

Malakai Makaisson is an infamous Dwarf Slayer-Engineer and companion of Gotrek and Felix.


A prodigiously gifted engineer, Malakai Makaisson is the creator of the Ironclad Unsinkable, which sank on its maiden voyage, and the Airship Undestructible, which catastrophically exploded. Many Dwarfen lives were lost. After those twin tragedies, Makaisson was ejected from the Engineer's Guild. His shame proved so great that Makaisson took the Slayer Oath, dying his hair and shaving it into the slayer's crest.[1a]

Malakai Makaisson continues inventing and building new creations to this day, including his more successful airship the Spirit of Grungni and the infamous Goblin-Hewer, a war-machine that hurls axes with lethal speed and power. Malakai also created a crank-operated machinegun carriage during his travels with the duo, Gotrek and Felix and his entourage of Slayers and Human followers. Perhaps someday his shame will be expunged as Makaisson find glorious death in battle, and his inventions will find new respect amongst his people.[1a]

Nuln Gunnery School

Following the success of the Spirit of Grungni, Malakai was employed as a teacher and engineer for both the Nuln Gunnery School and the College of Engineers. 


  • Malakai Makaisson's Goblin-hewer.


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