Mahrak, once known as the City of Hope but now known as the City of Decay is one of the ancient city-states of Nehekhara.


Built on the eastern entrance to the Charnel Valley, Mahrak was once one of the greatest obstacles to Settra's dreams of world domination. Being quite close to the end of the valley, the armies of Mahrak have been known to use the valley to set up devastating ambushes against would-be western invaders. This proved especially effective during the reign of King Phar, who almost single-handedly held back Settra's invasion by ambushing him in the canyon valley. Only when the old King died did Settra finally take the city.[1a]

When the great awakening happened, King Phar was one of the greatest of the Kings to rise from the grave and his rage at seeing his city's surrender to his hated rival saw him kill off many of his descendants. He would later take on a campaign to eradicate the local Greenskin population, wielding the Flail of Gods as he did so.[1b]


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