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Across the Karlsbridge is one of Praag's few oases from suffering: a large park named in honour of Magnus the Pious. Although the Emperor-knight did not personally relieve the city, they are aware of the great work he did in the south (and would be loathe to put any Kislev general on a pedestal). Unlike the gardens in the capital, no magic is used to preserve this area, only an army of extremely zealous gardeners who persist with their work despite everything the city has suffered. In winter it is barren and bare, but that does little to harm its beauty.[1a]

The Magnus Gardens also contain many marvels amongst its winding paths and narrow streams. At the gates, there is a statue of its namesake, around which the townsfolk gather on Weeping Day. Further in is the old Celestial Observatory, now abandoned, and beyond that stands the Academy of Music and the College of Art, both still accepting students into their small but stately chambers. To the south is a large, forested area that houses the Temple of Ursun, and there are other follies nearby with remembrances to Dazh, Tor, Ulric, Taal, and Salyak.[1a]


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