"It is a humble job like any other. As a stable boy cleans the stables, and a servant cleans his master’s household, so I keep the Empire clean."
Magnus Felberg, Witch Hunter[1a]

Not to be confused with Magnus the Pious, Felberg is a name that might strike fear into the heart of even the most innocent Imperial citizen. He is a Witch Hunter of the Holy Order of the Templars of Sigmar, and rarely has that order have been served by such an enthusiastic and ruthless member.[1a]

With all the authority of the Grand Theogonist behind him, the man is able to prosecute his war with the forces of darkness across the Reikland. He believes that allowing a single servant of the Dark Gods to go free is so dangerous to the survival of the Empire that he is willing to sacrifice the lives of hundreds of innocents to prosecute Sigmar’s judgement.[1a]

This was amply demonstrated when he destroyed the entire village of Bechheim, burning every one of its inhabitants to make certain that the suspected Chaos Cultist hiding there could not escape.[1a]

For his great service, Felberg has been granted a hammer from the vaults of the Great Temple. It is said to be imbued with magical properties, and its creation was commanded by Sigmar himself when he was Emperor.[1a]


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