"... As once was, all shall be again... Where they once ruled, they shall rule again... When older gods than ours wake to war... With the four Great Ruins as before... Man, Dwarf, Elf and Beast... Shall be but tatters of their Feast..."
The Red Book of Strigoi.[1a]
Magma dragon

Magma Dragons are amongst the most malevolent and reclusive of the Dragon race, with lairs usually found within many volcanic regions of the World, the most prominent of which are the Blackspine Mountains in Naggaroth and the volcanic ranges of the Dark Lands.


Primordial and ferocious creatures, Magma Dragons are known famously for their extremely thick obsidian scales which radiates a constant glow of white-hot heat. What they lack in numbers, they make up with juggernaut strength and the ability to hunt down some of the largest predators to roam the land. When on the rare occasions that these Dragons venture out of their volcanic environments, their favoured prey are great beast such as Manticore and Chimera, but if food is scare, these Dragons have been known to hunt smaller prey such as Elves and Man, but such prey are thankfully not enough to fill their appetite.[1a]

Once they have found their prey, Magma Dragons have the ability to breathe a sulphurous poisoned flame that inflict horrific burn which is said to be amongst the most strongest of all Dragon breaths, blinding and burning the great beasts before the Magma Dragon begins its feast. Probably one of the most legendary Magma Dragon to have ever existed was the Dragon Hagdar, the Scourge of the Dark Lands.[1a]


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