Warhammer Magma Cannon

A Magma Cannon taking aim

The Magma Cannon is a fiendish weapon first conceived of for use against the ravening Trolls and other unwholesome and hungry monsters that spawn and multiply in the Dark Lands, the Magma Cannon being something of a cross between a field artillery piece and a furnace. It is designed to spew molten metal and fire upon its victim, horrifically burning them to death. The Magma Cannon has seen long use and been the subject of considerable modification and experimentation by Chaos Dwarf Daemonsmiths. No two are quite the same, but rather the product of an individual's malign creativity. Some use pressurised steam-boilers to jet gouts of burning sulphur, caustic tar or pyretic acids, while others incorporate sorcerously bound volcanic glass shells in which molten lava drawn from the deep earth slumbers until its shell is shattered.[1a]

Regarded as one of the true works of a Daemonsmith's craft, neophyte Sorcerer-Engineers vie with each other to produce the most deadly Magma Cannons of their own design. Many have perished as a result of such experimentation - either overcome by choking fumes, dissolved by acrid vapours, or blown to shreds when their volatile mixtures have exploded unexpectedly. To their overlords in the priesthood of Hashut, this is only right and proper; as such failure is not tolerated in the service of the Father of Darkness. The Magma Cannon is a relatively short-ranged but potentially devastating weapon, able to incinerate packed bodies of enemy troops or burn clear defended positions in close assault.[1a]


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