The Erhard Company is one of most successful charcoal companies in Nuln, having made their fortunes supplying the Richthofen foundries in the Industrielplatz. Despite their great wealth, the family has a modest house in the Altestadt. The most notable member of the family is Maglyn Erhard, who is one of the most eligible ladies in the city.[1a]

Beautiful, sensual, and popular with the young men, she’s had many suitors and attends the best parties. Some claim she has even had a private audience with the Countess herself. In any event, she recently settled on one suitor, a man named Barnabas Liess. A minor noble, the third son of a country lord, he hoped to improve his family’s wealth and standing by this profitable marriage. This is not an arrangement of love, though. Maglyn despised his lack of manners and refinement, and Barnabas didn’t trust his bride to be, seeing her as a woman of loose morals.[1a]

Rolf Vogt had a dalliance with Maglyn before he left for the war. Always taken by her charm and good looks, he had hoped to marry her, but when he came home he heard of her unsavoury reputation and penchant for fornication. Needing a scalp for the Abomination, Rolf can think of none better.[1a]

When they were lovers Rolf would climb the trellis to her second story window, and the two would whisper sweet nothings to each other until dawn. Recruiting Hans to watch out for him, Rolf climbs the wall as he had done countless times before. Once he crosses the sill, he finds Maglyn with a man (not, of course, Barnabas). He kills her lover and then murders the young woman, being careful not to damage her fine head of hair. He lowers the corpse out the window to Hans and turns back to her lover to see if he had any qualities worth harvesting. He has none, so Rolf leaves and he and Hans return to the Reaver's Return to peel the scalp from Maglyn’s skull and turn her body into meat pies.[1a]

The next morning the Erhard family discovers the lover’s corpse, the open window, and the blood all over her bed. They immediately call for the Watch, but when the watchmen have little success, the family posts a reward for 200 gc for her return.[1a]


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