Magickers are self-taught wizards from wealthy backgrounds. They are distinct from Hedge Wizards in that the latter are invariably rural peasants.[1a][1b]

Magickers are rare, because they must be innately sensitive to magic, foolish enough to not join one of the Colleges, and wealthy enough to get a hold of grimoires and other resources. Because of their access to these tomes, they are able to master magical techniques much faster than self-taught Hedge Wizards, who must improve incrementally through trial and error. However, this is also their greatest downfall, for it causes them to fall into the clutches of the Ruinous Powers quickly and easily. Thus, those Magickers who are neither caught by the Imperial authorities nor killed by their own magic invariably enter the path of the Warlock.[1b]

Magickers must always practice in secret.[1a] Even if they wished to divulge to someone their practices, they would probably not refer to themselves as "Magicker." That is the term used to described them by the Collegiate Wizards.[1b]


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