The balalaika is a popular instrument in Kislev, many of the most famous peasant folk songs having been written on it, and a skilled balalaika player will never go hungry where Kislevite men gather. At home, it reminds them of glorious tales of love and honour, and when in foreign lands, it brings a tear to the eye as they fondly recall the open steppe and the city they left behind. Madame Biletnikov makes a passable balalaika, but her real business is information gathering. Balalaika players find commissions through the shop, and they play in the parlours of the wealthy and influential elite of Kislev, where all manner of scandal, gossip, and intrigue are exchanged with no regard for the ears of a lowly balalaika player. The information is reported back to Madame Biletnikov, and for those with deep pockets and a pressing need to know what is being said in the homes of the wealthy, there is no better place to go than Madame Biletnikov's.[1a]


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