Warhammer Avelorn

Lyla was an Asur from Avelorn that was present during the last Tournament for the Everqueen's Champion (XI, 110). During the festival, she was seen by Tyrion Emeraldsea with flowers in her hair and a smile on her lips, the prince likening her laughter to the tinkling of silver bells. She met Tyrion that same night when he came for the tournament, the girl dancing past him - then skipping back over when he caught her eye, the reveler wanting to be sure who she was looking at - and if - indeed, he was Tyrion: hero of the Shrine of Asuryan.[1a]

Ten minutes later, they were naked in her tent, "something to be said of the festive atmosphere", thought Tyrion. The prince would then leave as she slept to continue exploring the tent city the very same night.[1a]


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