Lydia von Carstein

The third daughter of a Kislevite noble, Lydia was schooled abroad at the Morrian Abbey of Blessed Aethelbert. Lydia was a brilliant student, and the grand abbot soon employed her linguistic talents to decipher previously impenetrable theological texts. At the abbey, Lydia stumbled upon forbidden scrolls and tablets concerning ancient prophecies and the Land of the Dead.[1a]

Upon learning of his pupil's unauthorized delving, the grand abbot hastily discharged Lydia from the abbey. However, instead of returning to Kislev, Lydia followed her trail of research eastward into the forbidding Sylvanian hinterland. Her translations indicated that a powerful source of Dhar was rumoured to exist in the foothills east of the Hunger Wood. Lydia's trail ended at the door of Voislav Plicticos, a Vampire of the Von Carstein bloodline. Plicticos was immediately smitten with Lydia, who recognized an opportunity when she saw one. On their wedding night, Voislav bestowed the Blood Kiss upon Lydia.[1a]

At first, Lydia was content to absorb the great wealth of arcane knowledge she had accumulated on her long journey. Many of her tomes and scrolls were written in the High Nehekharan language from which the modern Strigany tongue evolved. Lydia befriended Mama Raluca and spent many nights among the Rumanyik, learning their language and lore. When Ahmed was delivered to Raluca's protection, Lydia immediately recognized the corresponding signs identifying Ahmed as the Scion of Nagash.[1a]

Fearing that her weak-willed husband would deliver the boy to Mannfred von Carstein, Lydia sent Ahmed abroad until she could remove Voislav from the picture. To this end, Lydia manipulated a group of adventurers into destroying Voislav, so she could inherit his lands and titles. After Voislav's death, Ahmed could safely return to Helfurt and fulfil his part of the ritual, enabling Lydia's ascension as the new Queen of Darkness.[1a]

Lydia is a delicate, beautiful Vampire. She has become increasingly superstitious in undeath and has recently taken to bathing in the blood and gristle of mortals at lunar equinoxes.[1a]


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