"Lybaras is vengeance given form. It is the wrath, the wrack and the ruin of all those who would dare challenge the Great Land. The shadows of its white towers stretch from the Devil’s Backbone to the west, to the Cursed Jungle in the south, and to the Gulf of Fear in the east. Only from the north may Lybaras be safely approached, and it is the north that Lybaras guards, for in the north lies cursed Lahmia and twice-cursed Nagashizzar."
Zabbai, Hand-Maiden and Tomb Herald of Khalida as she speaks to Felix Jaeger of Lybaras[2b]
Warhammer Lybaras

Lybaras, Tomb City of Asaph

Lybaras, the Tomb City of Asaph, known by other titles such as Lybaras the Magnificent or Lybaras Which Guard the Sea,[2a] is one of several powerful city-states of ancient Nehekhara. Though smaller than her other sister cities, Lybaras is no less a vision of decayed splendour which signified the wealth and beauty of ancient Nehekhara. Vast temple complexes towered into the sky, and every burial pyramid is topped with priceless gold. Lybaras is the ancient resting place of High Queen Khalida, renowned warrior-queen whose enchanting beauty, martial pride and her deep-rooted hatred of Nagash's tainted race of Vampires.[1a]

Before Nehekhara became the Land of the Dead, Lybaras was known as the patron city of Tahoth and home of many technological wonders. During the wars against Nagash, the Priest King of Lybaras, Hekhmenukep, was responsible for several astounding war machines, including sky-ships, advanced catapults, and steam-powered tomb scorpions and collosi made of wood and bronze. By the time that Khalida ruled as queen, they had learned how to both mine and utilize iron to arm and armor their soldiers.[4a]

Ever since Khalida's short reign as Queen of Lybaras and her eventually resurrection by Asaph, Goddess of Vengeance and Serpents, the city has since taken this goddess as their personal patron deity. Carvings of her beloved asps adorn every surface of the city's funeral monuments and these serpentine engravings constantly writhe across the stonework, hissing at any who walk in their shadow and spying on any who dare explored the streets.[1a]

Of all Nehekhara's cities, Lybaras has the most independence from Khemri's rule, and that of Settra himself. This is due, in no small part, to its distance and isolation from Settra's court. Lybaras is surronded on three sides by the mountain range known as the Devil's Backbone to the west, the Cursed Jungle to the south and the sulphuric waters of the Gulf of Fear to the east. The only negotiable path lies to the north, past the tainted ruins of Lahmia, where the spirits of the damned lurk and feed upon any who enter.[1a]


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