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"Stay close to me, pup, I’ll see you through it... We’ve got to blood these new girls, my queen – teach them to hunt and make a kill on their own"
Lupa Stregga.[1d]

Lupa Stregga was originally born near Sartosa and became a vampire and a member of Queen Neferata's Lahmian sisterhood.[1]


She was tall, broad shouldered and big-hipped with honey blonde hair[1e] and preferred to fight bare headed, like all of the sisterhood favouring light armour in battle. [1d]


In IC -900 Neferata was trading human slaves to the druchii corsair Megara when one of the slaves killed one of the dark elf’s crew in an attempt to escape. The vampire queen’s interest was piqued and she took the Sartosan woman as a gift, making her into one of her handmaidens.[1e]

She was one of the five vampires that accompanied their queen into the Worlds Edge mountains - the others were Naaima, Rasha bin Wasim; Khaled al Muntasir and Anmar[1a] and hence to Mourkain.[1b]

During her time there, Neferata often used her and Rasha to provoke the orc tribes by assassinating their leaders.[1b] Having been instructed to get close to the Strigoi vampire Timagal Vorag Bloodytooth, the two quickly became lovers, Lupa serving as a liaison between the warrior and Neferata when he was banished to the frontier.[1c]

Whilst Neferata sought to take the Silver Pinnacle, she was with Vorag when he sought to take Crookback Mountain from the Skaven in order to command the trade routes to the north east of the Strigoi empire. Vorag was assisted by W'soran who had his own plans for both Vorag, the mountain and the warpstone within it.[2a] Lupa repeatedly tried to convince her lover to kill W'soran, but he refused as he needed the older vampires magic.[2b] Following the taking of Silver Pinnacle, Neferata sent Khemalla and Layla to support their sister and suggest that Vorag attack Ushoran’s empire.[2c]

In IC -321, during one of the many brutal skirmishes in the tunnels that riddled Crookback, W'soran made his move and turned on the three Lahmian’s, collapsing the cavern on top of Stregga and then draining her dry.[2d]


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