"Each Orb is infused with the essence of one of the eight magical winds and it is even whispered that a portion of Lord Teclis's own power is bound within every one of them...The Orbs of Hysh radiates a blinding white light so intense that they have been mistaken for miniature suns..."
The Orbs of Sorcery, magical artifacts of Lord Teclis.[1a]

The Magical Luminark of Hysh Arcane Battle Altar.

The Luminark of Hysh is a large and complex arcane Battle Altar created by the Wizards of the Light Order to be used as a potent magical Warmachine.


Within each Battle Altar lies one of the legendary Orbs of Sorcery, an ancient magical artefact that is imbued with one of the eight Winds of Magic. The Orb that is embedded within the centre of the machine acts as the catalyst, drawing upon the magical energies of Hysh to summon a devastating ray of soulfire known famously as Solheim's Bolt of Illumination. Each Luminark is crewed by several Acolytes of the Light Order, who oversees the well-being of the machine while a head Wizard directs the beam.[1a]

Though slow at first, the dim light within the machine will eventually grow, increasing in intensity and power, until so much energy is charged within the machine that it emits a blinding light which leaps through the Luminarium's arcane optics, manifesting in a destructive beam of soulfire so intense that it could vaporise anything in its path. As the energy is being released, an excess of Light energy would leak out of the machine, creating a shimmering aura that grants those warriors nearby with magical protection. Warriors so blessed with this magical protection have found enemy sword strokes turned aside by a magical force, and enemy arrows suddenly combusting in mid-air moments before impact.[1a]

The Light College have very precious few of these Luminarks left, as these machines need an Orb of Sorcery in order to function properly. Such safeguarding of these machines is often common place, as deploying even a single one of these marvels into battle provides an ultimate dilemma within the Light Order's hierarchy. Not only are the Orbs used as a magical weapon, they are also a critical component within the Light Colleges magical security system. It is the duty of the Light Order to safeguard the treasure trove of ancient and evil artifacts that is buried within the Vaults beneath the Light College. The removal of an Orb to be used for a Luminark decreases the vault's magical potency, which would risk the evil hidden away beneath the college to slither away into the darkness and bring about another doom for all Mankind.[1a]



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