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"Those that seek power think it will make their span easier. But from what I saw in your father, it is a terrible burden - no wonder you do not want it."
Kurt Helborg[3a]

Luitpold von Holswig-Schliestein was an Emperor of the Empire. He was the predecessor to and father of the current Emperor, Karl Franz.

Luitpold was somewhat paranoid, often saw spirits, and was very protective of his family. Politically, his paranoia manifested itself as a desire to appease rather than oppose the elector counts.[4]

It is unknown when he became Emperor. However, he was Emperor as early as 2470 IC. He died in 2502 IC and was buried in Morrs Garden in Altdorf, later that year Karl Franz became Emperor.

Beside his son Karl Franz he also had a daughter.


  • In the WFRP 4th Edition rulebook, he is referred to as Luitpold III.


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