Ludwig II Hohenbach, more commonly remembered as Ludwig the Fat was an Emperor during the early 11th century, who was known famously in his time for his grotesque appearance and gluttonous appetite. He was also famous for being the Emperor who extended the Electoral system with two more Electors. After a Halfling chef gave him the finest meal of his lifetime, he issued an edict which separated the Moot from the province of Stirland and Averland and giving the Elder of the Moot an Electoral position. The Counts of Stirland and Averland where outraged with the loss of their most fertile lands, but Ludwig simply scowled at them, just as the Counts' daughters scowled at Lugwig's grotesque appearance some time earlier.[1a]

Seeing the success of the Halflings, the Cult of Sigmar started giving Ludwig more and more expensive gifts, as well as large magnificent feast to gain the Emperor's favor. It is said that the Grand Theogonist had also taken part in this sinful display of gluttony, sitting by the Emperor's side while he filled Ludwig's wine cup. Eventually their ploy worked and Ludwig gave the Grand Theogonist an Elector seat as well. Perhaps as an act of holy punishment, the sinful Grand Theogonist would later die the next day in his bed by suffocation from his bloated neck fat.[1a]


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