Father Ludwig is a pillar of his cult—almost literally. He is as straight in his behaviour as he is of spine and is as clean and neat as his perfectly shaved head. Dependable, passionate, and persuasive, he is both a powerful preacher and a tireless worker behind the scenes. He fervently believes in expanding the Cult of Ulric throughout Kislev to the greater benefit of all. He has a habit, however, of taking on every job personally and becoming individually involved in its success or failure. The loss of his brother has pushed this behaviour to the extreme, and he now believes any failure to deal out justice and receive restitution for the cult will be a sign of his abject failure, to his God and to his family.[1a]

Father Ludwig was raised in the Empire but has spent the last five years spreading the word in one of the cities of Kislev. He speaks good Kislevarin and knows a fair bit of Gospodar customs. He is a generous employer, and his underlings respect him for it.[1a]

Ludwig wears heavy winter gear, making him all but blend in with the natives if it weren’t for his Empire speech and the wolf pelt he wears slung over a shoulder. In his heavy pack, he keeps food, water, and general supplies, as well as a legal ledger, a writing kit, and a small Ulrican prayer book.[1a]


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