King Louen Orc-Slayer was King of Bretonnia and one of the mighty Grail Knights.


In the year 2201 IC, King Louen Orc-Slayer amassed a grand army after declaring an Errantry War, with thousands of young knights joining the ranks of the more experienced retinues of the Dukes. Together, the Orc-Slayer and his army smashed the growing Orc and Goblin forces that had been amassing for many years within the borders of Bretonnia. Over the next century, countless Orcs were put to the sword, and their blood stained the earth.[1]

The surviving Greenskins fled to the mountains and forests in a feeble attempt to escape the King and his knights. The traditional frontiers of the Dukedoms were expanded, and many Greenskin strongholds, which had remained in isolated areas along the borders, were finally conquered. New castles were built along these borders, and Louen granted many of the young Knights Errant these domains, along with full titles of knighthood at the end of the war.[1][2]


  • The "Crown of Bretonnia" was blessed by the Lady before being set upon the brow of the first King of Bretonnia by the Fay Enchantress. It shone with a golden light, enhancing the character of its wearer and inspiring those near him.


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