Old, savage veterans among the Saurus warriors tend to become the leaders of Saurus legions of the temple-cities. One of the most notable of these heroes is Lotl-Botl, whose name roughly translates to 'Very Hard'.[1a]

Lotl-Botl and his Saurus legion protect the ancient and most revered Mage-Priests of Xlanhuapec and the sacred temples of this city. Lotl-Botl is no great intellect and his tactical skills are negligible but such things are not really required from a Saurus commander. Lotl-Botl has the great Saurus virtues of determination, savage ferocity, stubbornness, unquestioning loyalty and malicious spite for all enemies of the Lizardmen, both known and unknown. He is truly great among Saurus.[1a]

Lotl - Deliverer of the Ruby Sanctum

Though the Age of Strife was undoubtedly the era in which the Skinks played the greater role in the plans of the Old Ones, the remainder of the Lizardmen did not sit idly by while war raged across their realm. Though great numbers of Saurus were cut down by the plagues of Clan Pestilens, many did resist its virulence and fight the Skaven. One such warrior was the mighty Lotl, a Saurus leader from the Temple-City of Xlanhuapec.

Though many of Lotl's spawnings were struck down by the vile plague, the warrior himself displayed a prodigious constitution. This was fortunate, for it was Lotl alone who held the gates of the Ruby Sanctum when the most vile of pestilent winds decimated his cohort. When Tehenhauin led a relief force to join up with Lotl, the prophet found the Saurus surrounded by many hundreds of slaughtered Skaven and declared that the Serpent God was well pleased with Lotl's offering. From that day forth, Lotl marched alongside the Prophet of Sotek and was present at every major battle of the era.[2a]


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