Old, savage veterans among the Saurus warriors tend to become the leaders of Saurus legions of the temple-cities. One of the most notable of these heroes is Lotl-Botl, whose name roughly translates to 'Very Hard'.[1a]

Lotl-Botl and his Saurus legion protect the ancient and most revered Mage-Priests of Xlanhuapec and the sacred temples of this city. Lotl-Botl is no great intellect and his tactical skills are negligible but such things are not really required from a Saurus commander. Lotl-Botl has the great Saurus virtues of determination, savage ferocity, stubbornness, unquestioning loyalty and malicious spite for all enemies of the Lizardmen, both known and unknown. He is truly great among Saurus.[1a]


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