Lothlann earned his nickname 'the Brave' at the Battle of the Creaking Yew. Here he took up the battle banner from the slain Athryn the Strong when the Elves were in desperate battle against the Skaven. When the Elves saw the banner rise again with Lothlann bravely galloping among the foe hewing left and right, they surged forward like an irresistible tide. Thus they utterly defeated the ratmen, scattering them in headlong rout through the forest to become the prey of wild beasts during the hungry winter that year. Since then Lothlann has had the honour of bearing the sacred banner of Athel Loren.[1a]

Magic Items

  • The Battle Standard of Athel Loren: The Battle Standard of Athel Loren is woven from the hair of countless Elven maidens who sacrifice some of their golden, silver or russet tresses as strands to be woven into the banner. With each generation more strands are woven into the banner making it more magnificent and more enchanted than before.[1a]


  • Lothlann the Brave


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