The flight of the Skycutter.

The Lothern Skycutters are sleek, airborne chariots that rest upon a cushion of magic and are drawn into battle by the Swiftfeather Rocs that nest along the Glittering Coast of Lothern.


When the swift Hawkships of Lothern slip from their moorings, they are accompanied to the open sea by these Skycutters, which serve as the eyes and ears of Lothern's fleets, allowing them to plan engagements long before the enemy is even aware of their presence.[1a]

Skycutters also serve as the outriders of Lothern's armies, for they can go where their grounded kin cannot. Should a Skycutter's crew encounter a foe, their goal is to clear the skies, ensuring that Lothern will dominate the heavens in the battle to come. The bows of the Sea Guard crew can harry lesser troops, but larger foes ignore their arrows. Thus do the crew favour the compact Eagle Eye Bolt Throwers whose steel shots can deal a ruinous blow to even the mightiest of beasts. These prized weapons are mounted upon the Skycutter's prow, allowing the Sea Guard crew to maintain a constant barrage of fire even as they dive into the fray.[1a]

Most Lothern Sea Helms choose to fight from the back of a swift Skycutter, the better to dart through volleys of arrow and bolt, swoop into the heart of the foe and fell an enemy hero with a single strike. Such an attack takes great steadiness of nerve and spear-arm, but the Sea Helms have both aplenty.[1a]


A Lothern Skycutter can carry up to three Sea Guards armed with swords, spears and bows, and is drawn by a Swiftfeather Roc. An Eagle Eye Bolt Thrower can take up the place of one of the crew members.[1b]



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