Lothar Bubonicus
"When the Green Death raged,
I swore an oath to Father Nurgle.
I bade him spare me that might live in his service
And Father Nurgle chose me as his own.
Though all the village perished
I alone survived.
In the great forest I dwelt.
Amid the wild Beastmen, I was their shaman.
The Saga of Lothar Bubonicus the Exalted, Champion of Nurgle.[1a]

Lothar Bubonicus was the only survivor of his plague-stricken village. He believed he was saved because he swore to serve Nurgle, though it is more likely that he survived due to his almost supernatural physical endurance. He ventured into the trackless forests and was befriended by Beastmen, who recognised him as chosen by Nurgle and accepted him as their Champion.[1a]

"Nurgle blessed me with endurance.
My blood ran yellow with his power.
When the wicked ones caught me
The torturers caused me no suffering
For Nurgle lent me his great strength
And my brave followers rescued me from the stake.
Lothar, 'Battle of the Pyre'.[1a]

At the Battle of the Pyre, Lothar was captured by Witch Hunters, tortured and tied to a stake before burning. His Beastmen followers emerged from the forest and hacked their way through the soldiers to rescue him.

"The rot approached.
Longhorn bellowed loud in Nurgle's praise.
Five Dwarfs from the wilderness
They heard the call, and knew that they were saved
From death in teh darkness of the woods.
By Nurgle's will.
Lothar, 'Triumph in the Forests'.[1a]

One of his Beastmen sent out a call of triumph in the forest. A band of Chaos Dwarfs, lost in the woods, made their way to the sound and, since Nurgle had saved them, they willingly joined Lothar's retinue, which now numbered six Beastmen and five Dwarfs.[1b]

"Questing knights
Slew herd-kin in the glades.
They cooked his flesh upon their fire
And Nurgle punished them with death
Save only one, robust and strong.
He called on Nurgle and so death passed him by
To serve me as my henchman
When I was consumed with the rot.
Lothar, 'The Battle of the Glades'.[1b]

At the Battle of the Glades, a band of knights slew one of Lothar's Beastmen in the forest glades and ate his flesh only to die from the infected meat of Nurgle's herd. Lothar's retinue now numbered five beastmen and four dwarfs, one Dwarf having been slain in the battle. However, when one of the knights miraculously survived his wounds, and recognised the will of Nurgle, Lothar accepted him as his personal henchman.[1b]

"Profane ones violated our sacred woods
With foul relics in their train.
Nurgle told us in the dance of flies
To purify his wilderness forthwith.
Grod, my henchman barred the way.
While Dwarfs and Beastmen slew the impure ones.
Amongst the booty, a Palanquin to serve me as a mount.
For the rot was great.
Lothar, 'Ambush of the Relics'.[1b]

Lothar's retinue ambushed a band of monks escorting holy relics through the woods. They were warned in advance by observing the movement of flies, a divination technique known to Nurgle cultists. The monks were driven out and abandoned their wagons. In them Lothar found a high priest's golden Palanquin which tarnished as soon as he laid hands on it. This was seen as a great reward. Lothar's retinue was reduced to four Beastmen and three Dwarfs due to losses during the ambush.[1b]

"The peasants fled and joined my band.
Nurgle saved them from the famine and the harsh hand of man.
We sacrificed to Nurgle, I grew green in his image.
He who tilled the fields beneath the yoke
Became one who wields the wand and brings the rain.
Lothar, 'Peasants' Revolt'.[1b]

Peasants living on the forest edge rebelled and fled to join Lothar's growing band. One of them turned out to be a witch. Lothar increasingly grew to resemble his inhuman master. His band now included four Beastmen, three Dwarfs, the Chaos Warriors Grod, five Humans wearing armour stripped from slain lords, and a human wizard.

"Into the city we came at night.
Through the sewers we were led by Nurgle's scouts.
Vermin of valour did their work well.
Now the high lords scratch and wither.
The justice of Nurgle is delivered.
Lothar, 'Plague Raid on Uberaverglau'.[1b]

Led by Skaven into the heart of the town of Uberaverglau through the sewers, Lothar infected the castle of the prince and the houses of the rich burghers with plague in vengeance for the oppression of the peasants and the persecution of witches and Beastmen. Lothar was honoured with the Skaven title Bubonicus and his band swelled by four Skaven.[1b]

"I saw a vision of Nurgle's realm.
A green wood stretching as far as eyes could see
Seething with life and the drone of fat flies.
When I awoke, I saw the master's rune in snail-trails.
We followed, seeking for the runes
Until we crossed the edge of fate.
We found three herdkin and the Ogre of the hills.
But Nurgle's Steed I gave to Grod
And Nurgle strengthened his arm that he might protect me.
Lothar, 'Clash of the Warbands'[1c]

Lothar, having seen a vision of the Realm of Nurgle, led his band into the Chaos Wastes by following the runes made by snails with their slime-trails. On the journey Lothar was rewarded with a Daemonic Steed which he gave to Grod, whose arm had grown out of all proportion. Lothar, confined to his palanquin, increasingly relied on Grod to fight for him as a henchman.[1c]

"Twice twenty years within the Wastes.
The green glades of Nurgle eluded us.
I called to Father Nurgle: are we unworthy?
Then herdkin found the scent of Nurgle's foes.
It was a time of trial
For only the strongest live to run wild in Nurgle's glades.
We slew them, a feast for the flies.
They who followed The Changer, change no more.
The slaying of exalted ones brings great reward.
Flies swarming on the blood-drenched sword
Merged with the metal.
Runes spelled its name: Plaguebiter.
The leaderless ones flocked to my fly banners
As we marched to the last battle.
Lothar, 'Trek to the Chaos Wastes'.[1c]

The Clash of the Warbands was undoubtedly the most decisive battle in Lothar's career. Lothar's warband clashed with an exalted Champion of Tzeentch and his retinue. Their opponent was certainly a very great Champion on the verge of Daemonhood himself. When Lothar defeated him it was also a great triumph of Nurgle over Tzeentch. In their fervent belief that Nurgle was testing them after twenty years wandering in the Wastes, Lothar's retinue fought ferociously and annihilated their foes. For this they were well rewarded. The battle was hard-won and three Humans were slain together with a valiant Skaven and five Beastmen. Grod and Lothar, high in the favour of their lord, escaped serious wounds. Lothar gathered to himself more Beastmen and his band was renewed in strength, now containing Grod mounted on his Steed, nine Beastmen, three Dwarfs, three Skaven, two Humans, an Ogre called Skas and a witch called Utterblight.[1c]

"The green glades of Nurgle
Seething with growth and the drown of fat flies.
Beastmen gasping to drink the sweet green waters.
They who dared to bar our way
We slew them; to Plaguebiter fell.
Not one escaped.
Nurgle rewarded us
For only the worthy may enter his realm.
The road was long.
Suffering I endured in Nurgle's name.
He did not desert me.
Beside this stone I shed the rags of plague
An exalted one of Nurgle, rewarded with immortal flesh.
Lothar, now Daemon Prince Ghur'urgh bu'yue, known by cultists as Bubonicus, 'Battle of the Glades of Nurgle'.[1c]

The Battle of the Glades of Nurgle was the last battle and Lothar felt it in his bones. He knew he must win at all costs and the costs were high. Lothar finally arrived at the Realm of Nurgle, but a rival warband bared his way. Lothar's retinue were overcome with thirst and charged headlong for the shades of Nurgle's glades. The sight of Lothar utterly destroying yet another foe in his unswerving determination to follow the way of Nurgle caught the eye of the Plague Lord. At long last, after years of struggle and suffering, Lothar's superhuman endurance was rewarded with immortal form as a Daemon Prince of Nurgle. Grod survived to take over the remnants of Lothar's band. many had fallen in the battle, never to see Nurgle's glades. Grod honoured his former master by instructing the remaining Dwarfs to inscribe a monolith for Lothar on which Lothar's saga is carved.[1c]


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