Lorenzo is a Cultist of Myrmidia.

Lorenzo di Marco is the current Eagle of the North.


For most Myrmidians, the posting of Eagle of the North is seen as a banishment. Living amongst the brutish and superstitious northerners in their cold and depressing country is not something most Tileans would ask for. However, Lorenzo di Marco is not most Tileans—for he does not see banishment, he sees potential. The current Eagle of the North is an insanely ambitious man. He plans an expansion of Myrmidian worship unlike anything seen before.[1a]

He looks to the Empire and sees a troubled people who need new guidance. Sigmar has proven too weak to keep Chaos at bay, and his cult is rife with divisions. Ulric has proven to be too brutal, and is unacceptable to the increasingly urbane middle classes. Myrmidia, Marco knows, is the perfect answer to the Empire's problems. Of course, the Ulricans and Sigmarites are already moving against this threat, but di Marco is a tactician, and this is a campaign he has planned for a long time. As far as he is concerned, there is a new war brewing amongst the cults, and it is a war he does not intend to lose.[1a]


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