Lord de Trois

Lord de Trois is a Necrarch Vampire of ancient lineage. His real name is lost to the annals of history, but if his studies are to be believed, he was the third mortal to receive the Blood Kiss from the Scion of Nagash, when he fled from Araby.[1a]

Such tales can easily be believed once you have looked upon his visage; skin leathery with great age and eyes holding the wisdom of centuries stare out from a face riddled with corruption. To see him unmasked is a thing of such horror that few survive it.[1a]

Lord de Trois is a Necromancer of surpassing skill, having had centuries to hone his art. However, his devotion to the Thousand Thrones prophecies is what drives him. He has seen a pattern emerging from his research and has been preparing for the events that have been played out in this campaign for many years.[1a]

It’s all about the numbers. Numbers never lie. Lord de Trois was the third recipient of the lost Scion's Blood Kiss. Nagash himself returned to the world on three occasions. Sigmar has returned to the world twice, as Valten and Karl, and de Trois himself has been transformed twice; first when he received the blood kiss and again when he pierced the mysteries of the Prophecies. In order for the second and third conditions to be met, Lord de Trois must act. A little known legend amongst the Necrarch clan states that when Sigmar travelled to the Tree of Hope, beyond Morr's Realm, he met Nagash there and received the Blood Kiss from one of the Necromancer's lieutenants, thus mixing Sigmar's and Nagash’s bloodlines. In order for the Age of a Thousand Thrones to arrive, it must happen again. He must undergo the third transformation of his un-life and Sigmar must return once more. Lord de Trois must drink the blood of Karl, Sigmar reborn. The act will bring de Trois' third transformation and result in the third rebirth of Sigmar, held captive within the Vampire's own bloodline. Thus the triumvirate of conditions will be met, and de Trois will be the chosen of the Age of a Thousand Thrones.[1a]

It could be argued de Trois has spent too much time alone with his books and now slips into madness, but he has convinced enough of his brothers of his theory that they have not intervened. Thus de Trois hatched his plan to kill Karl once he heard about the Crusade of the Child.[1a]


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