"There's nothing quite like a trusted retainer. Noble birth and good breeding and all the education and wealth and status that comes with it, oh, they’re ruddy necessary, all right – I mean, you can't be a noble without the noble birth, wot? And the noble spirit, well, that just comes right with it - can't help but be raised up right, to help the masses and better the Empire. But a loyal man like Vern, here, well, he's what makes it all work. Why, it's like Sigmar without Ghal Maraz – can't have the one without t'other. Hmm. That wasn't blasphemous, was it Vern?"
Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg.[1b]

Lord Rickard is a son of the Aschaffenberg line, but he has gained higher rank by marrying into the von Bruner family. A huge bearded bear of a man and a skilled swordsman, Rickard is honourable to a fault. He believes that the aristocracy has the absolute right to rule and will not hear of contrary views, but he acknowledges that not all nobles live up to the high standards their status should embody. Rickard is duty-bound to follow the lead of his superiors, in both the Aschaffenberg and von Bruner families in matters relating to the status of Ubersreik, but will always endeavour to act with honour.[1a]


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