"The king without a sword? The land without a king!"
Bretonnian saying.[2]
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Longswords are weapons that feature a long blade, a wide hilt, and a somewhat lengthened handle. Preferred by most knights and warriors in the Old World, especially in Bretonnia, they are probably representative of most swords.[1a]


It cannot be denied that the individual products of Bretonnian craftsmen tend to be superior to those produced in the Empire. A Bretonnian swordsmith lives to make the best swords he can, not to make as much money as possible. The finest longswords in Bretonnia are forged by Master Swordsmiths, as folding steel takes great skill; the more folds, the stronger and sharper the blade.[2][3a]

Notable Longswords

  • The Blade of Couronne - A great blade gifted by King Louen to Duke Tancred of Quenelles. It is not to be confused with the King's own Sword of Couronne.
  • The Sword of Heroes - A powerful, monster-slaying longsword that has been wielded by many Bretonnian heroes.


  • Bretonnian Longswords (Total War: Warhammer)
  • A noble Bretonnian Longsword


Warhammer Vermintide II - Bretonnian Longsword - Gameplay Teaser

Warhammer Vermintide II - Bretonnian Longsword - Gameplay Teaser

The Bretonnian Longsword.


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