"Course, if I weren't a Hammerer, I'd be with the Longbeards these days. When you've got proper beards you might understand what a bit of gnollengrom means, what it's like to respect a Dwarf for the fullness of his beard. This beard here says I'm old, and that means I knows best, and you knows that too, so that's why you're going listen to my advice, then you can grow up to be proper Dwarfs and pass on your advice to the next generation. Remember, a Dwarf's only as big as his beard."
Durgrim Redmane, Dwarf Hammerer.[2a]

The Longbeards, veterans of a hundred campaigns.

Dwarf Longbeards are the oldest and most battle-hardened warriors within a Dwarf army. Highly prestigious individuals, these Longbeards garner great respect within a Dwarf stronghold, and are often chosen to be the leaders and advisers of many domestic issues and military campaigns.


Only a Dwarf who has reached the age of five-hundred, or has a beard that is touching the very floor will he be readily considered a Longbeard. This ensures that they receive the proper respect from other Dwarfs, who have been taught at an early age, and quite rightly so, to always respect their elders and listen to their well-earned wisdom.[1a]

Indeed, for it is true that the Longbeards have fought in more wars, beaten more foes, and endured greater hardships than any young Dwarf could possibly imagine. They constantly grumble about how today's Goblins are far smaller and weaker than they used to be, and how nothing is as well made as it was in their day. No young Dwarf would dare argue with them, for they indeed have the experience and the beard to prove it.[1a]

Should the Kingdom of the Dwarfs come under siege by their most hated of enemies, the Longbeards would be one of the first to take command. Equipped with some of the most well-crafted Dwarfen armour and weapons within their Clan, these Longbeards muster into their own regiment of crack heavy infantry, forming an unbreakable wall of shield and muscle that few can ever hope to crack. In battle, Longbeards are able to demonstrate their time-won skills, showing little regard for even the smallest shifts in fortune that would throw less experienced warriors into confusion, and enduring punishments that could break the mighty resolve of even a Dwarf. Such is their inspiring presence on the battlefield that the Longbeards provide the army with a reliable anchor which holds the rest of the army together. With the stern gaze of the Longbeards upon them, Dwarf Warriors are far less keen to falter against the enemy onslaught, and fight even harder to prove their worth in the eyes of their elders.[1a]

Mustering Halls

"When the Dwarf throngs prepare to march it is to the mustering halls they come, ready for the call to war."
The Mustering Halls.[5]

The horns will sound through the Hold and from the barracks will file the Dwarfs with axes out and sharp. The horn’s deep sound will also bring the grumbling Longbeards from the council chambers and the Slayers from the shrines to form a throng worthy of Grudgebearer’s rage![5]

Known Longbeards




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The Dwarf Longbeard, Ironbreaker and Hammerer.



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