Loec High Elf symbol

High Elf symbol of Loec.

The patron of the Wood Elf Wardancers, Loec is the God of Trickery, Music, and Revelry. Loec is a mysterious figure because his followers guard the secrets of his rites and purpose behind a veil of secrecy. His servants are occasionally called Feastmasters for their part in the great festivals, where they lead the celebration and perform intricate dances that recount the history of Athel Loren.


Loec, the Shadow Dancer, is also the Elven god of laughter. He is the trickster, patron of dances, songs and plays. The Elf legends tell that he often saves the souls of the dead from Slaanesh by tricking the Dark Prince out of his prize. And such is true, though no rescue is guaranteed, and even successes cost the Shadow Dancer more of his strength than he would care to admit.

Loec appears to the Elves as a lithe youth who dances across the void, and his laughter stirs the souls and spirits that dwell there. Without him, it is said, the heavens would grow dull and cold, for the stars of the night sky would no longer have reason to remain wakeful. The Chaos Gods hunt Loec as he dances, but the Shadow Dancer is tireless and cunning, and can never be caught.

There is a darker side to Loec as well. He is the god of shadows, malicious trickery, vengeance and dark deeds. The Elves of lost Nagarythe worship him, for they use stealth and darkness to enact their revenge.

Concerning Dragons

Though Forest Dragons seldom pay heed or homage to the deities of the Elves (few are prepared to admit the existence of beings nobler or more powerful than Dragons), most have a grudging respect for Loec, the Lord of Laughter. At heart, Dragons are creatures of cunning and intellect, and they admire the legerdemain by which the Shadow Dancer rescues Elven souls from Slaanesh as well as the trickery Loec employs to erode the Dark Prince's vengeance once the deed is done. Indeed, many Forest Dragons hold true to the belief that Loec honed his cleverness under the tutelage of Draugnir, Father of Dragons. The Wardancers, being Loec’s foremost devotees, hold that the opposite is true, and love to engage Forest Dragons in battles of wits to prove their point.[3a]

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