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"A true warrior you are, a man of courage and skill. A man worthy of single combat."
"Spare these men, let them be free to remain in the realm of the living and I shall accept your challenge.
Baron Loch'Jor accepts the Vampire's challenge.[1]

Baron Loch'Jor the Hunter was a mighty Blood Knight, Count of the Order of the Blood Dragon and master of the Knights of the Bloodied Skull.


Lord of the Bloodied Skull Keep, nestled in the shadows of the Black Fire Pass, Baron Loch'Jor was a vigilant master, renowned for his hospitality towards travellers in that dangerous region and for his love of hunting. Life was not easy, with two prominent Goblin strongholds nearby, marauding Undead, renegade Border Princes and other hostile forces to contend with. The men and women of Bloodied Skull Keep were a tough people though, managing to survive and even prosper under Baron Loch'Jor's leadership.[1]

In the winter of 2173 IC, the Bloodied Skull Keep was besieged by an undead horde under the command of Hazark al'Katar a Blood Dragon Vampire. Loch'Jor and his people held out for as long as they could, hoping that one of the nearby Border Princes would respond to their plea for aid. But assistance was not forthcoming, the Border Princes being too involved in their own internal struggles to send help.[1]

Inevitably, as the siege dragged on, Hazark al'Katar wore down the defenders and eventually managed to penetrate the walls. The fighting inside the keep was incredibly fierce. Hordes of living dead were cut down by baron Loch'Jor and his people, but still more came. After hours of relentless battle, the Baron and a handful of his most valiant men were all that remained. Having been driven back mercilessly, they barricaded themselves inside the keep's inner sanctum, preparing to sell their lives dearly. The barricade allowed just a few brief moments respite before it imploded and the dead poured in. Strangely, they did not immediately attack. Rather, Hazark al'katar himself walked in and looked at Loch'Jor with undying eyes.[1]

Raising his sword in a formal salute, Hazark praised the courage of his adversary, claiming he was worthy to face him in combat. The Baron, bleeding from numerous wounds, acknowledged the compliment gravely with a nod of his head. Gesturing to the twenty one survivors at his side, Loch'Jor accepted Hazark's challenge on the condition that he spare his men. The Vampire nodded in consent and the undead horde parted to allow passage. Unwilling to leave their liege, it took the threat of violence before the survivors grudgingly left their master to his fate.[1]

Although a mighty warrior, Baron Loch'Jor could not contend with the unnatural strength and speed of the Vampire Lord. Already wounded and deeply fatigued, Loch'Jor was defeated. Disarmed and on his knees, Loch'Jor looked up expecting to receive his death blow. it never came, Hazark al'Katar tore into Baron Loch'Jor's neck in a frenzy, ripping out chunks of flesh with his canines and feasting upon his blood. With horror, the Baron gazed into the eyes of the Vampire, his fate sealed.[1]

Hazark al'Katar did not enslave Baron Loch'Jor as one of his Thralls, he had too much respect for him as a warrior and knew that once Loch'Jor reached the prime of his undeath, he would be a mighty opponent. Thus Baron Loch'Jor was left to be alone, allowing him to nurture his power for the day they would face off once more...[1]


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