Limner's line
The Limner's Line
 is one of the Star Signs of the Old World. It is the Sign of Precision, appearing as an archer with a drawn bow, and is in Ascendance during Late Winter/Early Spring. People born under it are known to be accurate, exact, and precise.[1a]


The Limner’s Line is the star sign of excellence in crafts, artistry, and skill. When full in the sky, it is a boon to craftsmen and artists throughout the Old World. It is a symbol of inspiration, bringing out the best talents in those who make their living producing goods. The Limner’s Line also symbolizes excellence in swordplay and archery, though such associations are minor. Characters born under this sign tend to be skilled artists, mastering painting, sculpture, or poetry. Some are skilled swordsmen. The best surgeons are born when this constellation is ascendant.[1a]


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