"If you're looking for accommodations for the night, you could do worse than the Light of Korhadris. The food is plentiful and the wines are of the finest vintage known to elfkind."
Bellaeir, Captain of the Dragonkin.[1a]
Warhammer Saphery

The Light of Korhadris is a tavern within Cairn Auriel, Saphery, where the welcome is hearty and the menu extensive. The proprietor is a jovial elf of advancing years who bids patrons welcome and sets about seeing to their comfort with upmost vigour. The interior of his hostelry is elegant though somewhat ostentatious for some, though it is apparently typical of Sapherian vernacular.[1a]

Softly glowing orbs of magical energy hang in the air, casting a warm, homely light throughout the public areas. Patrons are noted for their skin tingling with the presence of so much magic. In other realms, employing magic for such mundane things such as lighting would be considered frivolous, but in Saphery, magic is an ever present aspect of life.[1a]

Climbing a curving set of stairs, one will reach the establishments upper-mezzanine, where sleeping quarters may be found. One such room is noted to have gossamer-thin curtains, and an archway leading onto an elegantly crafted balcony, made from willowy timbres, overlooking the bay. The scent of a perfumed breeze mingles with the salty tang of the sea. From here, the nighttime lights of Cairn Auriel seem linked together in a golden web, as though the streets ran with molten fire.[1a]

The stables has a paddock cut into the side of the nearby cliff. Horses are fed fine, Sapherian grain imbued with the magic of the land itself. The ostler knows his craft, feeding and grooming the horses well (though some note that an Ellyrian groom would also run the horses out in the same amount of time).[1b]


  • Fresh aoilym juice and honeyed oatcakes are available come breakfast, as well as freshly baked loaves of bread. Various fish can be found on the dinner menu as well.[1b]


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