"Ah my precious little bug. Restore my youth and beauty! Bring back my suitors and lovers and grant me the grace to bear the burden of renewed vigour."
Lady Lucretia, Middenheim Spinster.[1a]
"Kept in small, jewelled boxes, the Lifekiss is an all-too-common accessory for noblewomen in the Empire. Though Priests preach the dangers, few heed them until it’s too late. And those who do keep their pacts find the powers of the Treasure Bug lessen and lessen, making them old before their time."
Reinholt Schent, Scholar of the Fantastic.


Few can refuse eternal youth and beauty, perpetual health, and the envy of all their peers. Such vanity is common, and all seek out ways to preserve themselves and stave off the inevitable hand of Morr. It is for this reason that the Lifekiss continues to destroy people all over the Old World.[1a]

This small, innocent-seeming creature easily worms its way into the hearts of any who see it. Similar in appearance to a bee, it has a soft furred body and a long tongue that tastes the air and its surroundings. But pleasant appearances aside, what makes this creature so appealing are the beads of moisture that appear in its fur. This thick syrup is easily wiped off; a simple dab of the nectar can wash away the years, restoring vigour where age has crept in. Hence, such creatures are in high demand by those who can pay its price.[1a]

Price indeed! The Lifekiss, despite its pleasant disposition and gentle manner, is a horror of Chaos—one of the foulest. It does indeed wash away the years, but never for long and not without a price. Its restorative excretions are highly addictive, inciting deep cravings for its powers. All it asks for is a little blood, no more than a pinprick, and it will keep its "owner" young… for a time. But once a bargain with the Lifekiss is made, don't break it lest it become cross. Many a notable has tried, but found a stinger for their efforts.[1a]

Since these creatures are in high demand the world over, they often are sold in illicit marketplaces for a steep price. One's neighbor could suddenly look younger, growing in confidence, but also be oblivious to her new condition. In time, she might start showing the effects of age, growing more and more haggard and desperate. When she invites guests to her quarters, her attention seems drawn to a jewelled box. Days later, she's found dead.[1a]


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