"Sealed in this vault is the immortal sage and prophet, Melik Morteris. Having given himself to the undying pursuit of knowledge, he has caused this vault to be built over his place of study. Know all ye who would think to trespass here, the inhabitant of this vault is an Undead, a Liche possessed of eternal life and magic powers, and he will punish any who create disturbances."
Inscription on a basement wall within the northeast tower of Schloss Blutwasser.[2]

A Liche.

A Liche, or Lich, is an Undead Necromancer who has become foul, twisted, and tormented by years of evil toil.


A Liche's mental and bodily functions are preserved by powerful magic, but their bodies continue to decompose as if they were truly dead. The Majority of Necromancers who turn to the study of the Dark Arts in order to stave off the effects of the death wind end up insane, incorporeal Wraiths, or dead.[1][2]

There are some who find a way to beat the odds. These are Liches, beings with such a mastery of the Purple Wind that they've managed to arrest decay within their own bodies long after death and time should have claimed them. Liches have had centuries to perfect the study of magic, and they are some of the most powerful spell casters one can encounter in the entire World. To a Liche, the passage of time is no longer a yoke that holds them. They are free to devote all their time and efforts to gaining and perfecting forbidden knowledge.[2]

A Liche's body often resembles that of a Zombie or Ghoul - an animated corpse in the process of decomposition.[1a]

Famous Liches

  • Nagash - The first and greatest Necromancer.
  • Arkhan the Black - A mighty and ancient Lich who served as Nagash's lieutenant.
  • Khatep Grand Hierophant of Khemri, loyal servant of Settra
  • The Dread King - A powerful Necromancer who was surrounded at all times by an aura of dread.
  • The Hand of Nagash - One of Nagash's most loyal and ancient followers.
  • The Liche Lord - A powerful Lich who commanded a cabal of acolytes and necromancers. He was defeated by Heinrich Kemmler, resulting in him gaining the title of "Lichemaster."


  • Portrait of an ancient Liche


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