Once a week at the Five Feathers inn, the Famous Brotherhood of Adventurers, Explorers and Gentlemen (or as most people call it – the Liars' Guild) meets up. This gathering of raconteurs, rogues and entertainers is an occasion for world famous adventurers to relate thrilling tales of their unlikely, extraordinary and lurid exploits. Of course, no one takes these "adventurers" seriously. The Famous Brotherhood is entirely performance and is perhaps the finest dinner theatre available to common folk in the Empire. Over cheap beer, hard bread and sheep stew, an audience can enjoy outlandish tales of wit, wonder, warfare and womanising. It seems harmless enough fun.[1a]

But occasionally, the Famous Brotherhood will invite an actual adventurer to speak – someone who really has done something extraordinary. Paid at most a few shillings, and promised the opportunity to share their fabulous exploits, these speakers rarely know what they're in for. The crowd is merciless to these invited guests. Easily bored, surly and often drunk, the audience expects non-stop ribald comedy and lurid action. The raconteur regulars know this and excel at entertaining the crowd. Some stoic dwarf there to tell tales of his troll-slaying probably does not. If he is not careful, he may soon have to dodge a deluge of rotten vegetables, bread rinds and half-chewed sheep bones.[1a]


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