This odd, small Grimoire is very rare indeed. The copy found in Drachenfels' library is translated from the Kislevite version of Pyotr Lermontov by his Middenheimer amanuensis Helmut Zauberer.[1a]

The Grimoire commences with a very obscure philosophical treatise on ritual magic which verges on the senseless (due to bad translation). However, the Grimoire than contains accurate versions the spells Aura of Resistence and Aura of Protection, and a somewhat more effective version of the Petty Magic spell Glowing Light. It is the final spell, and ritual, which are of major importance.[1a]

Cure Insanity

This is a less effective version of the Cure Insanity spell available to Clerics of Shallya. It is flawed, but has the advantage of being Battle Magic, so that any spellcaster of sufficient level can learn it.[1a]

The Ritual of Lightning

This magical ritual was specifically developed to counter depression and other negative emotional states. It can be used to treat the disorders of Catatonia and Depression. It will not help anyone suffering any other form of insanity.[1b]

The ritual also specifically refers to the destruction of magical items which store or prey upon such energies - such as Blackshards - and it can be carried out to destroy such items.[1b]


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