Leopold M01

Grand Master Leopold.[1]

Marshal Leopold von Raukov is the Grand Master of the Order of the Bull, a Knightly Order based within Ostland.


Leopold is the cousin of the reigning Elector Count, Valmir von Raukov. He is a mightily proud man - proud of his country, his province, his family, his Knightly Order, and most importantly, he is fiercely proud of the stubbornness and bravery of Ostlanders.[1]

Wielding his Great Axe, forged from the twin axes of a mighty Beastlord he slew in single combat, Leopold is always searching for new foes and driving the enemies of the Empire from the forests he calls home. Few have dared to stand before him. Fewer still have withstood a Bull Charge from his knights, a unique fighting formation which they use to decimate their enemies, with Leopold always leading from the forefront.[1]


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