Leonhard of Quenelles was a Bretonnian Knight who led the charge during a battle against the forces of Chaos.


With a sound like rolling thunder, the knights pounded across the field. Great clouds of muddy earth were thrown up in their wake, and the sky darkened as a cloud of arrows streaked overhead and fell amongst the hated foe. At the forefront of the charge, Lenhard felt the familiar surge of exhilaration as he rapidly closed the distance with to the savage worshippers of the Chaos Gods. Picking his target, a giant of a man screaming incoherently, Leonhard lowered his lance. The warrior tried to step to the side, but the veteran knight had anticipated such a move. His lance punched into the warrior's chest with the full weight of armoured knight and horse behind it, and lacquered wood ripped through the Marauder's body. Screams and shouts erupted, mingling with sounds of crunching bone and clashing steel, as the other knights struck.[1]

Horses hooves flailed, caving in skulls and shattering bones, and knights hacked deep into flesh with every strike of their blades. Leonhard dropped the butt of his splintered lance and drew his sword. He kicked one warrior in the face, and sunk his blade into the neck of another who was trying to grab his steed's bridle. His bloody blade rose and fell, killing with every blow. He sensed the sudden hesitation amongst the foe, saw the doubt written in their faces. Cutting down another enemy, he suddenly found himself without an opponent...[1]

Rearing his steed up, Leonhard raised his voice above the din of battle, crying out for Quenelles, the King and the Lady. The day was won.[1]


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